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Check out these videos of APD next generation suppression ICE technology

  • Although the 5.56 SBR shown in this video offers the shooter deployment versatility, it also exposes the officer to extremely high noise levels. Studies show that law enforcement officers shooting on the range are exposed to noise levels in excess of 150 dB peak sound pressure levels. These levels are clearly in excess of accepted OSHA standards. Exposure to impulse sound can cause acute acoustical trauma, which can be followed by symptoms such as tinnitus and hearing impairment. Exposure to these sounds can also cause direct mechanical damage to the middle and inner ear through bone conduction. This is creating not only a quality of life issue for service personnel but also an increasingly burdensome cost center. APD ICE suppressors effectively reduce dBs below damaging levels without compromising modern weapon performance.

  • As you will see in this video, APD ICE suppressors provide superior sound suppression, reduced recoil, and NO first round pop—APD ICE suppressors are the only suppressor on the market today that can make that claim. You will also notice in this video that the metal target (50 yards down range) is louder than the .308 round shot through an APD ICE suppressor. APD ICE suppressors offer superior sound suppression from the very first shot. You will also experience a significant increase in accuracy so your first shot is your only shot.

  • This video demonstrates the superior performance of APD ICE suppressors indoors. You will notice NO first round pop, no flash signature, significantly reduced recoil, and amazing dB reduction. The weapon being used is a 5.56 sniper rifle with an 18-inch barrel. APD ICE suppressors offer superior performance on modern weapon designs, no matter the environment.

  • Sharp Rifle Company demonstrated the APD ICE suppressor on their new 25-45 carbine at the 2015 Shot Show Range Day. Shooters were invited to choose between a suppressed and unsuppressed weapon. The suppressed weapon was chosen nearly 2 to 1, with shooters firing more than 1,000 rounds through the weapon with the APD ICE suppressor. Despite the harsh conditions of the Nevada desert and absolutely no lubricant on the bolt, the weapon did not experience a single jam. This is a testament to the SRC rifle and the superior ability of APD ICE technology to reduce excessive blowback. Reduced blowback means a cleaner weapon and reliable performance every time you shoot.

  • Modern weapons demand a modern suppressor. APD ICE technology offers superior performance even on the most difficult weapons to suppress. You will experience reduced recoil for greater control, no flash signature, excellent dB reduction, and significantly reduced blowback. An added benefit is that APD ICE technology is self-cleaning. You clean it, by shooting it!

  • As demonstrated in this video, the shooter does not experience blowback that can often interfere with the shooters vision or adversely affect the cycle rate of the weapon. APD offers reliable performance for your modern weapon, every time. Superior sound reduction, increased accuracy, greater control, and no first round pop are just a few of the benefits of deploying APD ICE technology.