Zero. That's how many other manufacturers can make that claim.

APD introduces next generation suppression technology-Interstitial Cellular Entrapment or what we refer to as “ICE”. There is no other suppressor on the market like this. None. This Patent Pending design provides for full featured, high-powered magnum suppression in smaller diameters and shorter lengths and weights than competing units. Developed and designed to make you invisible, silent, and safe. Compare ICE to traditional baffle design.

  • Law Enforcement: 1712 Series

    Designed specifically to face the rigors of Law Enforcement & military applications.

    The first co-created suppressor line. The 1712 series was designed for and by LE for superior ballistic performance and increased infield confidence. The 1712 series is named in recognition of the year of the first US paid law enforcement officer, 1712 providing officers and tactical teams with increased command and control, ease of use and personal safety

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  • Hunter Enthusiast: Lynx Series

    Lynx provides a premium bundling of outstanding suppressor features in an extremely durable product

    The Lynx series was designed & manufactured for multi-gun applications and addresses the unique needs of hunters and enthusiasts. Lynx series provides superior ballistic performance, compatibility and affordability. The same technology used for Law Enforcement.

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  • Ion Series

    Designed for accuracy and velocity for the competitive long-range shooter

    The Ion series of suppressors were designed to address the needs of long-range competitive shooters.

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  • Onyx .22 LR

    The modified Ruger MkII/MkIII is the host for our Onyx integrally suppressed .22 LR.

    Available with a variety of custom features, this unit is a real pleasure to shoot, very accurate and very quiet. Reliably cycles even with sub-sonic ammo. Also available in polished stainless.

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  • MKII

    A radical departure from the industry norm

    The MKII was the first suppressor to incorporate a permanently sealed annular vacuum chamber around the threaded attachment to mitigate heat transfer to the barrel. This innovation minimizes POI shift and maintains accuracy throughout multiple shot strings.

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  • Havoc

    The ulitimate in compact performance

    With good sound and flash attenuation and rugged construction, when attached to modern SBRs our Havoc suppressor offers the ultimate in compact performance. All Inconel interior can handle larger calibers and high fire rates.

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