A radical departure from the industry norm. The MKII was the first suppressor to incorporate a permanently sealed annular vacuum chamber around the threaded attachment to mitigate heat transfer to the barrel. This innovation minimizes POI shift and maintains accuracy throughout multiple shot strings.

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MSRP: $650.00 - 6"

MSRP: $900.00 - 8"

A radical departure from the industry norm

  •  Negligible Gas Blowback
  •  Low Flash
  •  Effective dB
  • Suppressor Specs:
    •  Length: 6" / 8"in
    •  Diameter: 1.46in
    •  Weight: 16oz to 22oz
    •  Caliber: All Popular
    •  Material: Inconel/316SS
    •  Reduction: 28dB - 32dB