upgrade your suppressor IQ.
What is Interstitial Cellular Entrapment?

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Throatless. Weldless. Peerless.
Zero. That's how many other manufacturers can make that claim.

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Fire tamed by ICE
Single video frame testing with high speed camera at 50K FPS.

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APD introduces next generation suppression technology - “ICE”.

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Increased Performance
Increased accuracy & velocity. No Flash signature. Reduced blow back. Significantly reduced recoil.

Asymmetric Product Development

APD is a convergence of design and manufacturing professionals focused on developing Enabling Technology that is technically flawless, astutely manufactured and that succinctly address the detailed interface needs of the user. Integrity is the cornerstone of our operation. We believe integrity creates a better product and is the only way of doing business. Our goal is to leverage our development and manufacturing prowess to develop leading edge products that exceed the expectations of our customers and conduct our business in a manner that is professional and profitable.

Integrity in Development & Relationship:

From our 30,000 square foot product development and manufacturing facility in the capitol city of Oregon (Salem), APD multidisciplinary teams work in concert with our clients to render product solutions that are tough, viable, reliable and desirable. It’s what we do.

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Talk is Cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Attend a demonstration and see and hear first-hand how ICE suppressors perform. We have multiple dealers and partners who will gladly schedule a demonstration of our ICE Suppressor for both civilian and LE markets.

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  • Become a Dealer

    APD operates with an integrity first approach. You’ll see that in our product designs and in our interactions with our partners, dealers, suppliers, at shows and within the industry. We work with dealers who share that approach. Get more information about joining the APD dealer network.

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    APD introduces next generation suppression technology-Interstitial Cellular Entrapment , or “ICE”. This Patent Pending design provides for full featured, high-powered magnum suppressors in smaller diameters and shorter lengths and weights than competing units. Tame fire with ICE.

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  • View field videos

    Ready to see our "ICE" technology in action? These field videos show why APD and our patent next generation suppression technology, (Interstitial Cellular Entrapment) is the futire of suppressors. See why manufacturers all of the world are moving away from old technology and to our products.

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firearms are loud

Exposure to noise greater than 140 dB can permanently damage hearing.
Almost all firearms create noise that is over the 140-dB level.

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